At XO Accounting, I use both the accounting and financial planning services. Something that has impressed me about XO is the straightforwardness, everything is explained in simple terms that makes it easy to understand. Overall I enjoy that everything I could need is in the one place managed by one person and any questions or queries I have are directed to the same people.

Vince, Power Source Tech Consulting
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XO Accounting has been a great aid in helping set up the business and explaining everything I need to know. The biggest positive is that they have never treated me as though I am incompetent, due to my inexperience with accounting. Instead they will sit down and explain everything so I fully understand.

Belinda, The Bean Parade
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I began working with XO Accounting to aid in refinancing. They not only gave me different options and opinions of how best to achieve my desired outcome but would approach me to ensure I was happy with the direction things were going. XO was also incredibly comforting in making me feel confident in the attainment of a positive outcome.

Ellie, Tax and Financial Services Client
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From XO Accounting, I have received very valuable advice in relation to pre retirement. They took into account all my figures to design a process to best manage my funds. It is highly comforting to know that there is one place I need to go and any issues I may have are dealt with in an easy way. XO has made me very confident in knowing my finances are being looked after.

Gary, Tax and Financial Services Client
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I have worked with XO Accounting on both business and personal financial matters. They are very responsive to my calls and emails, and their provided Xero software is simple and easy to navigate. Overall the work XO has done has put my small business in a good position for the future.

Mark, Panorama Financial Services
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XO Accounting has been a great asset as they have taken several tasks of my hands in terms of tax and payroll, therefore freeing up more of my time. Often it is difficult for me to get down to an office and they are accomodating and able to come to wherever I am. Over the years that I have been with XO Accounting, I have been able to achieve the goals I initially set in terms of my business.

Robbie, Hangar Cafe
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At XO Accounting, I utilise the accounting services and in order to reduce taxes was referred to their financial planner. They were very receptive in what I wanted and didn’t try to force me into any decisions that I wasn’t comfortable. XO was able to find something that suited my needs without pushing me into something I wasn’t comfortable with.

Stuart, Tax and Financial Services Client
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In my time with XO Accounting, they have been able to help me reduce my tax and BAS statements, while maximising what I am able to achieve within my business. I have been with several different accountants and, the communication and availability provided by XO is the best I’ve worked with.

Renee, Mystic Plaster
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