Get expert help from specialist Australian crypto accountants to help you track your cryptocurrency assets
and ensure you stay compliant with Australian crypto tax requirements.

Crypto tax returns, tracking and advice that’s specific to NZ

If you’re one of the growing number of Australians holding cryptocurrencies and crypto assets, it’s important to ensure you’re compliant with Australian tax requirements. Our specialist crypto accountants can help with that, offering expert advice and assistance with crypto tracking, tax returns and advice.

Whether you’re a private crypto investor or you hold cryptocurrencies as a business asset, we can help you make the most out of your investment, and minimise your tax exposure on crypto.

Accurate crypto tracking with CoinTracking

Cryptocurrencies can be volatile, so it’s important to closely track the movement of your crypto assets to help you make informed decisions about your investment. That’s why we work with the leader for cryptocurrency tracking and tax reporting – CoinTracking.

With CoinTracking, you’ll enjoy real-time crypto analysis and reporting that shows your profit and loss, the value of your crypto assets, and realised and unrealised gains. CoinTracking also provides us with all the detail necessary for complete crypto tax returns in Australia.

What’s more, our specialist crypto accountants are on hand to help you understand the data, and prepare your crypto tax returns so you stay fully compliant with IRD requirements for crypto assets in Australia.

Ecommerce business planning and strategic advice

With substantial experience in the ecommerce sector, we can also offer you specialised business advice.

We’ll help you develop a successful ecommerce business plan with good financial practices, effective business processes, and appropriate technology. With the benefit of ecommerce specific benchmarking reports and risk assessments, the team at XO Accounting can help you minimise effort and expenditure, ease midnight worries, and keep online sales humming.

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