Ever wonder how your business is travelling and if there were any significant issues you needed to address. Well our extended reporting package is here to help by offering you a number of options from the provision of the extensive reporting package to regular meetings to analyse what is happening in your business.

Cub Package

Investigative Package

The Editor Package

Monthly: $55 Monthly: $110 Monthly: $275
The Cub Package consists of Monthly Financial Reports customised to your needs including:

  • Education to understand what the reports mean and how to interpret them
  • Business Health Report
  • Profit and Loss Reports with comparatives
  • Balance Sheet with comparatives
  • Profit Margins
  • Key financial indicators of the business
  • Cashflow analysis
  • Sales Analysis
  • Expense Analysis
The Investigative Package includes the Cub Package plus:

  • Written commentary regarding the results every month
The Editor Package includes the Investigative Package plus:

  • Quarterly Review meetings
  • Please note for the reporting package you are required to ensure your Xero file is reconciled by an agreed timeline.

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