Maximise your superannuation and free up your time, with a FIXED fee SMSF Compliance Package from XO Accounting.

SMSF management

With a XO Accounting fixed price annual SMSF Compliance Package, you’ll benefit from our investment in technology keeping your record-keeping and compliance up to date and easier than ever. As government regulations increase and mandatory caps and limits in place you can manage all of these in one place.

What’s included in your SMSF Package?

  • Establish new and terminating old members
  • Process all transactions
  • Revalue all assets daily (Except property which is done annually)
  • Establish, refresh and rollback Pensions
  • BAS and IAS Administration
  • ETP Lump Sum withdrawals
  • 24/7 Online Access to:
    • Member Balances
    • Asset Allocations
    • Investment Strategy Tracking
    • Contribution and Pension Tracking
    • Taxation analysis and reporting
    • Bank transaction reporting
  • Annual Compliance Services:
    • Preparation of an annual Balance Sheet
    • Preparation of an annual Profit & Loss Statement
    • Preparation of annual Member Statements
    • Preparation of transactional and annual Trustee Resolutions & Minutes
    • Preparation and Lodgement of an annual Income Tax Return
    • Audit of SMSF

How much does the SMSF Package cost?

Standard Funds            $187.00 per month

with BAS Returns          $220.00 per month

with a Pension               $220.00 per month

with BAS and Pension   $242.00 per month

All packages include GST and fees charged by the independent auditor of the fund.


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