With the end of financial year quickly approaching, it’s important to get your tax information together early. Use the checklist below to ensure you are well prepared before visiting your accountant.


  • PAYG Summaries
  • Pensions or government payments/allowances
  • Interest earned for the relevant year from your banks, building societies etc.
  • Dividend statements
  • Details of rental property, business and any other income earned

Work and other Expenses

  • Personal car expenses, eg. work logbook, est. of km’s travelled if no logbook
  • Travel expenses, eg. parking, tolls, flights, taxis, train and bus fares for training courses, and trade fairs
  • Accomodation costs wile working away from home
  • Work Percentage of Personal Equipment, eg. phone, computer/laptop, internet
  • Home office running expenses
  • Work-related education, eg.
  • Last years tax return fee
  • Income protection insurance premiums (paid outside of superannuation)
  • Investment expenses, eg. bank fees, financial advisor fees, investment borrowings etc.
  • Work-related donations

Other Information

  • Records of sales and purchases of any shares, business or property
  • Private health insurance details
  • Spouse and children’s details, including DOB and estimated taxable income
  • Details of government debt, including child support, Centrelink ATO debt

By getting this together in advance it will make the tax time process easier for yourself and your accountant.

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