As a Xero certified accountant and platinum partner, XO Accounting is committed to ensuring our clients are confident using Xero. Not only to manage their business needs but also that they are getting the most out of it in the easiest way. Below are six Xero tips, that might seem simple but can be a game changer for business owners.

Make the Most out of the Plus Button

When you log into Xero, you’ll notice a plus icon (+) in the top right corner of your screen. Although this may seem like a small detail of your Xero page, it can be extremely time saving. This provides you a shortcut to access multiple functions including creating a new invoice, contact, bill or purchase order. As you continue to journey through Xero this function will aid you in developing a flow in your overall accounting process.

Sync with Google Sheets

With all the different software and tools available as a business owner it can get overwhelming. It’s always better when platforms can work together to enhance your user experience. With Xero, you can sync your account to your Gmail and export your Xero reports straight to Google Sheets. This is perfect when  completing work outside of Xero, especially if the documents are needed for external collaboration. 

To implement this go to the relevant report or budget and click the three dots to the right of that document. You’ll be prompted to choose an export method and select Google Sheets.

Utilise the Inbuilt Calculator

Xero has an inbuilt calculator that allows you to perform basic math functions directly in certain fields. This reduces the chance of error and saves time rather than finding a calculator or doing mental math. To utilise the calculator type an equation right into the field, like 17*1.18. Press enter and Xero will calculate and display the result. While this feature can be used for both manual journals and transactions, not all fields will accept math functions.

Limit User Accessibility

Not all your employees need to have the same amount of access to your business’s Xero account. You should implement user restrictions on your employees’ accounts so they only have access to features needed to complete their job. Whether that is 95% of the Xero account or only invoicing and billing.

Invite As Many users as Necessary

Gone are the days where you either need to pay for each individual user or end individual files for others to gain access. Employees, accountants, bank managers, bookkeepers etc. can all have access to your Xero content and all they’ll need is an invitation from you and an internet connection.

Open Multiple Tabs

Often you’re accessing multiple pages and reports to complete the same task. Rather than going back and forth on the single window, open multiple tabs to save time and reduce the chances of losing your work.

These tips can make a huge difference in improving the little things in your Xero experience. Contact XO Accounting to discuss how to make Xero work for you.

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