2017 Tax Tip #8 – Maximise Tax Offsets

Tax offsets directly limit tax payable and can amount to a sizeable end number. Your income, family circumstances and conditions for particular offsets, are generally factors that influence your eligibility. Taxpayers should check whether they qualify for…  Read more

2017 Tax Tip #6 – Rental Property Deductions

Owners of rental properties that are either rented or are readily available for rent can claim immediate deductions for a numerous amount of expenses, such as: interest on investment loans land tax council and water rates body…  Read more

2017 Tax Tip #4 – Claim Depreciation

Assets costing below $300 that are used to generate income can be immediately deducted. These assets may include tools for tradespeople, calculators, briefcases, computer equipment and technical books purchased by an employee, or minor items of plant purchased…  Read more

2017 Tax Tip #3 – Claim Self-Education Expenses

If a study is directly related to either prolonging or improving current occupational skills or is likely to increase the income received from your current employment then the expenses involved can be claimed as self-education expenses. If any new…  Read more

2017 Tax Tip #2 – Claim Home Office Expenses

If part of your home has been set aside solely or primarily for the purpose of work, a home office deduction may be allowable. Heating, cooling, lighting and even office equipment depreciation all come under typical home…  Read more

2017 Tax Tip #1 – Claim Work-Related Deductions

One way to save considerable tax is to claim all work-related deduction entitlements. Employment-related telephone, mobile phone, internet usage, computer repairs, union fees and professional subscriptions are all examples of typical work-related expenses. Note that any claims…  Read more

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