Invoicing Tips

Here are some other quick tips to ensure your invoicing process is as seamless as possible Include all details: Include your purchase order (PO) number as well as the regular information such as company number,…  Read more

How to find a good niche

Finding your niche is important as it can supply you with the revenue you need. More and more business owners are realising the importance of finding a narrow set of clients and targeting both their…  Read more

8 Ways to Manage People Better

Experience is what makes good management. While a course can teach you the theory, there is nothing better than day to day practice in managing staff and their issues. Not only will this create a…  Read more

How Not To Recruit

According to the Harvard Business Review up to 80% of employee turnover is as a result of bad decisions made in regards to hiring. However few businesses and owners actually stop to think whether it is…  Read more

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