Save time on your bookkeeping and expenses, with Receipt Bank – the easy-to-use Xero add-on that allows you to log receipts and invoices online, with minimum hassle.

No more storing and entering receipts and invoices

Receipt Bank is a Xero add-on which removes the burden of data entry and gets rid of disorganised boxes of paper.

Your bank feed supplies Xero with the latest information on money coming in and out. The Receipt Bank feed adds to this by inserting your receipts and supplier invoices into Xero. By adding transactions that have yet to hit your bank account, Receipt Bank ensures that your Xero financial data is more up-to-date than ever before.

How Receipt Bank works

You can submit your receipts and purchase invoices to Receipt Bank in a variety of convenient ways, including iPhone and Android apps, Dropbox, email, or upload from your computer. You can even mail your paper to Receipt Bank for them to scan and upload directly to your online account.

Receipt Bank automatically extracts the necessary data from your receipts and invoices, and securely stores the scanned copies in your online account, ensuring your business has its records saved in an easily retrievable way.

XO Accounting and Receipt Bank

XO Accounting will have access to your Receipt Bank account, enabling us to manage your expenses from there.

Brad Golchin, director of XO Accounting recently tested Receipt Bank while travelling around Europe – see his Video, Streamlining the Accounting Process for a demo and explanation of how it works.

If you would like a Receipt Bank account please contact us on 0800 30 40 40 or click here to set up an account

If you aren’t currently a client of XO Accounting please contact us on 0800 30 40 40 and we can help you to set up a Receipt Bank account and give you further information on our other services.